How RevoJobs collects all the Jobs ?

By creating a set of robots that are constantly scanning the web, to scan the web we were able to collect jobs from several sources in near realtime .

How many jobs are added hourly ?

Currently the system scans, cleans a qualifies the best jobs every 5 minutes, On average 200 jobs are added each hour. We're increasing this capacity every week.

Why do you offer only remote jobs ?

We focused only on remote jobs and work from home jobs, so that we provide a better service to every Job seeker.

What are those number that show up in each Job ?

There are 4 main Metrics currently on the system, that helps out each Job Seeker to find the best Job. They are: Match - is the calculated % of match the job has towards your skill and based on your profile analysis. Matches are determined by your skills and range from 0-100%. The higher the value the more likely your chances of getting this job. Rank - How well the Job is ranked among all others in the system in a given moment. RevoJobs ranks all Jobs in realtime from 1-to the number of jobs currently on the system. The Lower the Rank Number the better quality the Job is. Score - The calculated Job score based on several factors. ranges from 1-100. And the higher the better Rating - Some recruiters have ratings associated by users, the higher the rating the better quality is the recruiter. Ratings vary from 1-5.

is your system free ?

It is up to a certain number of searches, since we have running & operating costs, we suggest you after some time to upgrade.

What if I have some doubt ?

The RevoJobs app has a building integration with our Customer Support, So that you can reach one of our customer support representatives any time.

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